The Big Banana Juice Bar

Fresh Fruit Juice, Vegetble Juice and Organic Wheatgrass Juice

As juice bars go we are unique! Fresh fruit juice, frozen wheatgrass and wheatgrass kits. We are passionate about health and nutrition.

We set up as a juice bar in 2001 at St Nicholas market on Corn street in Bristol. Getting into the health food market was a big break for us. We have been getting more and more involved with health food and nutrition events over the past 2 years. Our mobile juice bars serve the same selection of wheatgrass, boosters and fruit juices.

What We Do: Fruit, Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice

  • lots of information about fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juice.
  • Some great ispiration for home juicing from our descriptive juice menu and juice bar widget.
  • Fruit juice pictures to download.
  • Information on wheatgrass juice and its many health benefits.
  • Order wheatgrass kits and frozen wheatgrass online. Deliveries by post.
  • A growing list of external resources on various fruit juice and health related topics.
  • A good grounding in health advice.

We are allways on the look out for juice, nutrition and health related stories. Please send us your Fruit Juice news. We would love to publish your ideas on the juice bar site.

Frozen Organic Wheatgrass Juice

We are really serious about wheatgrass. One of the big problems with wheatgrass is getting hold of it and we think we have hit apon a great solution: Frozen wheatgrass. We are so serious infact, that we have launched a new wheatgrass website: Frozen Wheatgrass. It is soon to offer frozen wheatgrass and wheatgrass kits. The Frozen whatgrass juice comes in daily serves (7 per pack) and is guarenteed to stay frozen for the overnight delivery. For timebeing you will need to view the Flash BB Juice Bar Website to order frozen wheatgrass or to find out more about organic wheatgrass sales.

Wheatgrass Latest

Wheatgrass contains high levels of vitimin B1 (thiamin). Drinking wheatgrass for its B1 is particularly important if you drink a lot of alcohol because alcohol breakdown in the liver uses up thiamin stores. B1 deficincy secondary to alcohol can lead to short term memory dammage (Wernekes encephalopathy) and nurological dysfunctional (Korsakoff syndrome). Wheatgrass to the rescue!

Juice News

This months big news is the Health and Nutrition plans released by the Liberal Democrats. They want to abbolish VAT on Juice Bars. We Agree! It would bring fruit juice and wheatgrass juice bought at the Juice Bar into line with wheatgrass, fruit and vegetable juice bought from shops. Its encouraging to see the House of Commons take another look at fruit juice and wheatgrass and the potential benefit to our health

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