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Albion Fine Jewellery Logo Albion Fine Jewellery Contact

Albion Fine Jewellery

Albion Fine Jewellery has arisen to bring bespoke Indian jewellery manufacture to jewellery shops over here. Simple one page website with Jquery, HTML and CSS.

frozen açai Logo açai berries

Frozen Acai

No prizes for guessing that The Big Banana Juice Bar has come up with a new health fruit to share. Açai is an Amazonian berry that I hadn't heard of until a couple of years ago, when i tried it at the Juice Bar. Açai has a very original flavour and is crammed with antioxidants. Açai works well frozen.

frozen wheatgrass Logo tray of wheatgrass

Frozen Wheatgrass

If wheatgrass juice and alternative health is your thing, this is the site for you. A very exciting project for The Big Banana Juice Bar. Frozen wheatgrass by post. Yes, believe it or not, the wheatgrass stays frozen for the overnight journey (The wheatgrass will infant stay frozen for 2 nights). Logo design and simple, minimalist website selling frozen wheatgrass online.

LMG Logo LMG UK map

Loss Management Group

Dynamic web site, design and script. Includes an ever changing database of 1500 Jewellery shops in the UK searchable by map, postcode proximity and nearest town. Shop results include an integration with Google Maps for precise location and directions. The project included an extensive tailor made content management system (CMS).

Albion Logo Albion Clocks

Albion Consulting

Corporate identity, branding, traditional print work and web site. The site is presented with Flash animation while certain page elements such as the world clocks and contact form rely upon PHP. Parallel presentation in xhtml for search engines and web accessibility.

Ticket 2 Ride BC Logo Ticket 2 Ride BC Brochure

Ticket 2 Ride BC

Extended freelance project. Corporate identity, logo, brochure, posters, flyers, race jersey, business stationary and various web site images.

The Big Banana Juice Bar Logo big banana fruit juice picture

The Big Banana Juice Bar

Complete corporate identity. Branding, traditional print work and web site. The site is an elaborate Flash animation of content structured in a MySQL database and extracted with PHP. Again, parallel presentation in html for search engines and web accessibility. The Big Banana Has moved on with a new in house web developer. Cached version of the now out of date Juice Bar web site. Still looks fresh though!

Mary Parsch Graphic Design Graphic Design Example

Mary Parsch Graphic Design

This site was designed by Mary Parsch as platform for her accomplished graphic design. She studied at Sydney graphics college and works in Sydney. My limited role in the site was to code her design in a combination of PHP, HTML/ CSS and javascript.